Trilateral Summit in Mexico City: Uncovering the Hidden Agendas and Power Plays

As President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meet in Mexico City for the North American Leaders’ Summit, it’s clear that their priorities couldn’t be more different. While Biden pushes his liberal agenda of open borders, climate change, and globalism, Trudeau is focused on protecting Canadian interests and the USMCA agreement.

But it’s not just the Canadian leader who’s pushing back against the Biden administration’s dangerous plans. Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador has also been vocal about his opposition to foreign interference in his country’s affairs.

Despite this, it’s been reported that President Biden is using this summit as an opportunity to push his radical migration policies and appease the radical left wing of his party, rather than actually addressing the real concerns of the American people.

This comes at a time when our southern border is in crisis, with unprecedented numbers of illegal migrants flooding into the United States.

Furthermore, it’s no coincidence that just days before the summit, Mexican authorities captured Ovidio Guzmán López, the son of notorious drug lord “El Chapo,” who is accused of massive fentanyl trafficking into the United States.

This move is a clear attempt by President López Obrador to placate the Biden administration and protect his own interests, rather than actually making a genuine effort to address the drug epidemic that is devastating American communities.

And while the left-wing media may want to portray this move as a “diplomatic achievement,” the reality is that the capture of drug lords is not an effective strategy in the fight against crime and violence.

As former Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Professor of Politics at New York University, Jorge Castañeda has stated, “The capture of drug lords is not an effective strategy, first because it causes more violence when the drug lords, who were not captured, dispute the place from which they were captured. Secondly, because the big cartels are simply replaced or fragmented, in which case violence spreads.”

As always, it’s the American people who lose out under the leadership of the Democrats. With President Biden and his administration’s dangerous and misguided policies, it’s more important than ever that patriotic and freedom-loving Americans come together to defend our nation against this liberal onslaught.