Exclusive: The truth behind the President’s ‘no wall’ policy – you won’t believe where the money is going

It is truly outrageous that President Joe Biden, who campaigned on the promise to stop all border wall construction, is now spending half a million dollars of taxpayers’ money to build a wall around his own vacation home.

Photos obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail reveal construction on the wall surrounding the President’s Delaware property began last week, and it is being funded through a government contract via the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

This is a gross display of hypocrisy from the Biden administration, who not only promised to stop all border wall construction, but also actively sought to cancel funding for it.

Meanwhile, illegal immigration continues to surge at the southern border, and the situation is becoming increasingly dire. Meanwhile, the President is using DHS funds to ensure his own personal security and comfort.

Not only is this a betrayal of the President’s campaign promises, but it is also a slap in the face to the American taxpayers who are footing the bill for this project. The wall, which is expected to cost $490,324, is an $34,000 increase from the original contract price.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that in July 2022, the administration quietly approved the construction of a section of border wall in Yuma, Arizona, after Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., called on the President to secure the border.

And in December, the administration sued Arizona for using shipping containers to create a border wall in order to stop the massive flow of illegal immigration into the state. Claiming that Arizona was trespassing on federal land.

It’s clear that the President and his administration do not see the actual border crisis, or they don’t want to see it. They are too busy playing politics and looking after their own interests, while leaving the American people to fend for themselves.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable and the President needs to be held accountable for this gross misappropriation of funds and betrayal of his campaign promises.

This situation is unfortunately a clear example of the double standards of the Democrats; advocating for open borders for the rest of the country, but building walls for their own properties and interests.

It is only fair for the American taxpayers to question their allocation of funds and the security priorities of the Biden administration.