Another scandalous twist in the investigation. You’ll never guess who’s involved.

Whistleblowers allege Justice Department interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax evasion.
IRS supervisor Gary Shapley Jr. reveals decisions favoring Hunter Biden at every stage of the probe.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf objected to asking questions about Joe Biden, causing dismay among the FBI and IRS.
Emails and text messages suggest Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business deals.
Objections from Wolf prevented the execution of search warrants and hindered evidence collection.
The revelations raise concerns about the integrity of the Justice Department and the potential shielding of President Biden.


Whistleblowers expose political interference in the Hunter Biden investigation.
Evidence suggests Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf obstructed the probe, raising questions about her motivations.
The Justice Department’s actions undermine transparency and accountability.
The American people deserve a thorough investigation and accountability for those involved.


The revelations brought forth by the whistleblowers present a deeply troubling picture of political interference and an attempt to shield President Joe Biden from scrutiny. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, regardless of political affiliations.

It is imperative that a thorough investigation is conducted to determine the truth and hold those responsible for impeding justice accountable. The integrity of our institutions and the trust of the American people are at stake. Only through a fair and unbiased investigation can we restore faith in our justice system and ensure that no one is above the law.

Source Fox News