Biden BLUNDER: More details emerge in the tax evasion investigation

The House Ways and Means Committee has released testimony from two IRS whistleblowers, shedding light on misconduct and government abuse in the investigation of Hunter Biden’s alleged tax evasion.

The whistleblowers revealed a pattern of unequal treatment, Department of Justice interference, and retaliation against those who exposed the misconduct. The revelations point to a campaign to shield Joe Biden’s son from accountability.


Whistleblower testimony exposed a series of actions that favored Hunter Biden during the investigation, indicating potential political influence.
Crucial evidence, including a WhatsApp message, pointed to the need for a search warrant at the Bidens’ Delaware residence. However, it was allegedly dismissed due to “optics.”
The Justice Department’s recent announcement of Hunter Biden’s plea deal raises concerns about the severity of potential crimes being overlooked.
Transparency and accountability are paramount. The American people deserve a fair and unbiased investigation into all allegations of wrongdoing.
The interference in the Hunter Biden investigation underscores the need for comprehensive reforms to restore trust in our justice system.


The revelations surrounding the Hunter Biden investigation are deeply troubling. The testimony of the whistleblowers raises serious questions about the integrity of our justice system and highlights potential political interference.

The American people deserve transparency and accountability, regardless of political affiliation. This scandal calls for an impartial examination of all allegations, with no one being above the law. It is crucial to restore trust in our institutions and ensure that justice is served. Let us stand united in demanding a fair investigation and upholding the principles that our great nation was founded upon.

Source Fox News