Breaking News: The Curious Case of President Biden’s Impeachment.

The use of privileged resolutions in the House, particularly for impeachment, is not the traditional process. Usually, attempts to censure a lawmaker or impeach a president go through committee investigations that can take months before sending the matter to the floor for a vote.

Impeachment of former President Trump, for example, involved closed-door depositions, public hearings, and floor debate. However, privileged resolutions allow members to bypass the customary committee process and bring the matter directly to the floor.

This unconventional approach taken by Boebert and Luna to deploy privileged resolutions reflects a redefinition of the regular order and a desire to give rank-and-file members more of a voice.

House Speaker McCarthy had promised to provide more opportunities for members to have a say in the legislative process, but he also needs to protect the integrity of the institution, the Speakership, and the seriousness of impeachment. Impeachments are rare and carry significant political costs, making it important to strike a balance between allowing members to express their views and ensuring the process maintains its gravity.

While some Congressional Republicans hint at impeachment to appeal to conservative voters, the reality is that such proposals are unlikely to come to a vote. Boebert’s attempt was swiftly contained by McCarthy, who redirected the resolution to committees for investigation, ensuring a more deliberate approach.

Source Fox News