You WON’T Believe What Biden Wants Congress to Ban Now

Fellow Republicans, our esteemed President Joe Biden has once again made a sweeping demand for Congress to ban assault weapons across the United States, igniting a firestorm on Twitter. In true Biden fashion, the President tweeted, “It’s time for Congress to ban assault weapons.”

This call to action was met with swift and resolute backlash from die-hard conservatives and gun rights advocates. One such individual is Ryan Petty, founder of the WalkUp Foundation, who lost his daughter, Alaina, in the tragic Parkland shooting.

He had some choice words for the President: “It’s time for your nap.” Petty has previously argued that more gun control would not improve student safety, stating, “Criminals don’t obey gun laws.”

Defense attorney Marina Medvin also chimed in, reminding Biden of his constitutional duties: “Congress took an oath to the Constitution (as did you). So no, they should not violate the Second Amendment, nor their oath.” Meanwhile, NFL linebacker Boomer Mays cleverly suggested that Biden should focus on banning aid to Ukraine instead.

In the face of mounting criticism, some users attempted to defend the President’s position. Poet Arun Budhathoki responded with a simple “Do it,” while another Twitter user agreed that it’s “long past time” for such a ban.

However, it’s clear that the majority of posters vehemently disagreed with Biden’s call for a ban on assault weapons. Former Republican Congressional candidate Jack Lombardi II echoed the sentiment of many when he quoted the Second Amendment directly: “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

Lombardi continued, expressing frustration with Biden’s long tenure in office and his newfound interest in gun control: “Almost 50 years in office and nothing. But now, all of a sudden, you want our guns? You and your administration are ‘no good’ for America.”

Biden’s rhetoric has not only been met with disapproval from passionate Republican voters, but it has also drawn heated criticism from female gun owners.

In a video published by the NRA in February, a group of women addressed the President: “Dear Joe Biden. We aren’t terrorists. We aren’t the enemy. We’re the good guys.”

As Republicans, we must continue to stand strong in the face of misguided attempts to curtail our constitutional rights. The Second Amendment remains a cornerstone of our democracy, and we will not be silenced.