Who’s The Latest To Hide From The Media Spotlight?, You’ll Be SURPRISED

Joe Biden’s reluctance to hold formal press conferences has become a hot topic in the media. With only joint press conferences with foreign leaders under his belt, Biden has only furthered the accusations of his reluctance to be transparent and accountable to the American people.

It’s not just the number of press conferences that Biden has avoided, but also his habit of calling on pre-selected reporters during rare interactions with the media.

This was especially apparent when he was caught with a cheat sheet of a question from a Los Angeles Times reporter during one of his rare press conferences.

The media is an essential part of our democracy, and it’s crucial for the president to be transparent and accountable to the American people. By avoiding press conferences, Biden is only furthering the perception that he has something to hide.

Come on, Joe, it’s time to face the music! The media is not your enemy, and it’s time for you to start acting like it. It’s time for Biden to start proving to the American people that he is not afraid of the press.

Source Fox News