Former Clinton Pollster Goes Off On Biden, You Won’t Believe What He Said

A former Clinton pollster has just gone off on Biden in a way you
wouldn’t believe.

You need to hear what he said!

Mark Penn appeared on “America’s Newsroom” to discuss a new
poll that shows President Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 36%.

This shocking revelation has rocked the White House and Democratic
Party to its core.

Penn didn’t hold back, stating that Biden’s “rushed re-election announcement was an enormous blunder. As Trump leads Biden by six points and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ahead by five, it’s evident that Biden’s presidency is on shaky ground.

It’s clear that America needs a strong, decisive leader like Donald Trump to steer our nation back on course. His dedication to putting America first, growing the economy, and protecting our freedoms is the way forward.

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