Unearthed: Hunter Biden’s Text That’s Setting the GOP Ablaze

The GOP is reeling from the latest revelation concerning the Biden family’s financial dealings. A 2018 text message from Hunter Biden to his assistant, Katie Dodge, has surfaced, where Hunter candidly admits to having covered his father’s bills for a staggering 11 years.

This text, dated April 12, 2018, has become a focal point for House Republicans, who view it as further evidence pointing towards the alleged corruption within the first family. The conversation revolves around issues Hunter was facing with his Wells Fargo account. In the midst of this, he mentions, “”My dad has been using most lines on this account which I’ve through the gracious offerings of Eric [Schwerin] have paid for past 11 years.””

The White House, when approached for clarity on the matter, declined to comment. This isn’t the first time questions have been raised about the Biden family’s financial entanglements. With this new revelation, the demand for transparency and answers is growing louder.

Source Fox News