Another Biden Controversy: Weiss’s New Filing Exposes the TRUTH About Hunter’s Plea Deal

The Biden family finds itself embroiled in yet another controversy. This time, the spotlight is on Hunter Biden’s plea deal, and Special Counsel David Weiss’s recent filing has shed light on some startling truths. Contrary to previous assertions, Weiss has stated that the plea deal, meant to address federal tax and gun charges against the president’s son, is “”not in effect.””

This revelation comes on the heels of claims made by Hunter Biden’s legal team about the existence of a “”valid and binding bilateral Diversion Agreement.”” Weiss, however, has refuted this in his filing. He highlighted that Hunter Biden had chosen to plead not guilty during a hearing on July 26, 2023, leading to the non-approval of the proposed diversion agreement by U.S. Probation.

This development adds another twist to the ongoing Hunter Biden saga, and its implications on the political front are yet to be fully understood.

Source Fox News