Trump’s Take on the Pipeline Explosion, It’s Not What You’d Expect

Former President Donald Trump made headlines on Tuesday when he suggested that the Biden administration may be behind the recent Nord Stream pipeline explosion.

During an interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, Trump commented on the incident, stating that he knew who was not responsible for the explosion – Russia.

He also referenced comments made by President Biden in September 2022, in which he warned that the US could end the pipeline’s supply if Russia invaded Ukraine.

While there is no evidence to support Trump’s claims, they have raised concerns among Republicans about possible involvement from the Biden administration. The Nord Stream pipeline is a vital source of energy for Europe, and any disruption to its supply could have serious consequences.

It is important that we remain vigilant and ensure that our energy supply remains secure. We must also let the investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline explosion play out and not jump to conclusions without evidence.

Regardless of who is responsible, we need to take steps to protect our energy security and ensure that we are not beholden to foreign sources of energy.