The EXPLOSIVE Reaction to CNN’s Latest Controversial Analysis, You’ll Be Intrigued by This Developing Story

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, has slammed CNN for publishing a report that suggests white people who post GIFs and memes featuring black people may be guilty of wearing “digital blackface.”

According to the report, if you’re black and you share such images online, you get a pass. But if you’re white, you may have inadvertently perpetuated one of the most insidious forms of contemporary racism.

Musk, along with other Twitter users, criticized CNN and its author, John Blake, for making such an accusation. He called the claims ridiculous and another example of the left’s obsession with identity politics.

The reality is that accusations of racism should not be made lightly. Labeling something as racist without evidence is dangerous and only serves to further divide us as a society.

It’s time to move past these kinds of divisive debates and start focusing on the real issues facing our country.