Shocking: MSNBC host lies about DeSantis win

Despite competing for statewide office, Vote Latino President Maria Teresa Kumar said on Saturday that gerrymandering played a role in Governor Ron DeSantis’ re-election.

On MSNBC’s “Velshi,” where a panel addressed how previous President Trump affected the Republican Party, Kumar made an appearance as a guest host. The conversation swiftly turned to DeSantis’ popularity surge as a type of “Trumpism” replacement.

However, Kumar asserted that he “mandured” the state rather than crediting DeSantis’ record as governor for his triumph, even in the state of Florida.

Drawing constituencies in a way that is advantageous to a political party is known as gerrymandering. While congressional districts have been redrawn by both political parties to influence House elections, some contests, such as gubernatorial elections, are decided in statewide elections that are unaffected by district boundaries.

“Gerrymandering was a problem, yes. Democrats in New York also had a problem with it. In order to help open up the system, which appears to be a danger to the system and which favors more extremist candidates in some regions, I believe that is something that is part of our electoral reforms that we need to look at moving forward. Speaking of gerrymandering and primary reform, that’s a very separate set of problems. However, that is something that ought to be discussed,” Setmayer remarked.

She stated that DeSantis wouldn’t have a chance to win in an election held somewhere else than Florida.

“They clearly didn’t see Ron DeSantis outside of Florida, I suppose. Nobody was particularly aware of him as a legislator until Donald Trump supported him. As you can see, Ron DeSantis has begun to take on Trump’s characteristics, including gestures and behavior. It is very obvious. People will realize this guy doesn’t have it when he arrives in New Hampshire and Iowa. The gravity-defying political strategies of Donald Trump don’t apply to So those who believe Ron DeSantis is the Republican savior are going to get an unpleasant shock,” -according to Setmayer.

The Sun-Sentinel newspaper’s editors in Florida also charged DeSantis with “racist gerrymandering” shortly after the governor won re-election.