Shocking Changes In U.S. Farmland Ownership, It’s Not Who You Think

The rising tide of Chinese land ownership in the United States presents a clear and present danger to our nation’s security and interests. It is imperative that we recognize and address this threat promptly.

Chinese-backed organizations acquiring land near our military installations pose significant national security risks. The potential for espionage and unauthorized access to critical military infrastructure is a cause for great concern. We must remain vigilant and take decisive action to protect our military readiness and ensure the safety and security of our forces.

In addition to national security concerns, the CCP’s ownership of U.S. farmland also jeopardizes our food security. Granting China substantial control over our nation’s food supply could have severe implications for negotiations and compromise our sovereignty. It is crucial to prioritize the health and safety of American consumers and maintain control over our food production and distribution.

The surge in Chinese farmland ownership is staggering. In just a few years, Chinese investors have doubled their ownership, amassing around 385,000 acres. Such rapid expansion demands immediate action and strict regulations to prevent unregulated land purchases near critical infrastructure and military bases.

To address this threat, Congress should pass legislation that restricts or prohibits Chinese-owned firms from acquiring land near our military bases, critical infrastructure, and sensitive natural resources. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) should be strengthened to increase scrutiny of Chinese investments, and the Department of Agriculture should be included in its board to ensure comprehensive oversight.

Transparency is paramount. Chinese-owned firms must be compelled to disclose the full extent of their farmland ownership in the U.S. This information is critical for the government to make informed decisions and take appropriate measures to protect our national interests.

Reclaiming or seizing U.S. farmland purchased by CCP-affiliated groups is a necessary step to prevent further threats to our security. Legislation should be considered to allocate funds specifically for buying back agricultural land owned by these entities. We must act decisively to safeguard our sovereignty and protect American interests.

As conservative voices, we must prioritize national security and stand against the encroachments of the Chinese Communist Party. The potential risks and consequences are too great to ignore. Let us join together in support of stringent policies that preserve our security and protect the future of our great nation.

Source Fox News