You’ll Be Shocked To Know What The Senate Just Passed

The Senate passed a resolution, with bipartisan support, rejecting the Biden administration’s “public charge” rule, which determines the types of welfare legal immigrants can receive without being ineligible for a green card.

The resolution, spearheaded by Senator Roger Marshall, aims to promote self-sufficiency in our immigration system and protect American taxpayers.


  1. Bipartisan Support: The resolution enjoyed support from Republicans and two Democratic senators, highlighting the growing demand for accountable immigration policies.
  2. Narrowing the Definition: The Biden rule narrows the definition of public charge, making it harder to deny green cards to applicants likely to become primarily dependent on the government.
  3. Limited Scope: The Biden rule focuses on specific benefits and overlooks the potential strain on resources and the long-term impact on American taxpayers.
  4. Exclusions: These rules apply to legal immigrants seeking permanent residency, not to illegal immigrants or individuals seeking asylum. Asylum seekers, refugees, and Temporary Protected Status recipients are not subject to public charge assessments.
  5. Message to the Biden Administration: The resolution’s passage serves as a clear message that policies failing to align with the values and priorities of the American people will face scrutiny and opposition.

The Senate’s rejection of the Biden administration’s public charge rule is a significant victory for those who believe in responsible immigration policies. It demonstrates the bipartisan demand for an immigration system that prioritizes self-sufficiency and protects American taxpayers.

The Biden rule’s narrow definition and limited scope fail to consider the strain on resources and the long-term consequences for our nation. As this resolution moves forward, it is crucial that lawmakers recognize the need to safeguard American taxpayers and promote a self-sufficient immigration system.

Let us hold our elected officials accountable and work towards responsible policies that benefit both American citizens and those seeking a better future in our great nation.

Source Fox News