Revealed: Unexpected Opposition To The Climate Agenda

The Biden administration’s crackdown on gas-fired plants has drawn serious concerns from power grid operators, threatening America’s energy security and reliability. Despite the push for renewable resources, the grid’s stability relies on the reliability attributes provided by gas-fired plants.


Power grid operators, responsible for supplying millions, are warning about the consequences of the administration’s plan on grid reliability.
As renewable resources increase, the importance of reliable energy sources becomes more critical.
The proposal’s impact on investments in existing units could jeopardize grid stability.
Carbon capture technology’s unpreparedness poses a significant risk to America’s power supply.
The EPA’s power plant regulations could raise costs for consumers while failing to address the true concerns of energy security.


The Biden administration’s approach to energy policy is misguided, prioritizing unproven technology and ignoring the real needs of our nation. As conservatives, we must stand against this reckless agenda and demand policies that safeguard our energy security, protect jobs, and prioritize American prosperity.

Source Fox News