Not Just Wind: The Hidden Dangers Lurking Beneath The Waves

Recent studies reveal offshore wind turbines are causing harm to New England’s marine life, particularly lobsters and haddock. The New England Fishermen’s Stewardship Association (NEFSA) demands thorough research before allowing further offshore wind development.


Electromagnetic fields from sub-sea cables are deforming juvenile lobsters.
High voltage cables are hindering swimming activity for haddock larvae.
NEFSA urges caution and thorough studies before green-lighting more offshore wind projects.
Lobster and haddock are vital to New England’s fisheries and communities.
Wind farms also impact sea surface temperatures and ocean dynamics, mirroring climate change effects.


It’s clear that offshore wind turbines aren’t the clean solution they’re touted to be. We must protect our marine life and coastal economies. NEFSA’s stance is crucial – we must prioritize research and responsible development. Lobster and haddock sustain our heritage, and it’s our duty to safeguard them.

Source Fox News