Renowned Coach DISGUSTED By The NBA’s Political Evolution, You’ll Be Shocked

As a conservative opinion writer, I can’t help but admire Phil Jackson’s bold statement against the injection of politics into professional basketball. Jackson, a renowned coach, expressed his discontent with the NBA’s promotion of “BLM” slogans during the 2020 “bubble” year. He explained that this evolution of the game has led him to lose interest in the sport he once loved.

The NBA, in an effort to cater to a specific audience, has risked alienating those who wish to enjoy sports without the intrusion of political messaging.

LeBron James, known for his political activism and criticism of former President Donald Trump, has become the face of the league’s “woke” politics. However, Jackson’s opinion is more aligned with that of legendary player Michael Jordan, who wisely stated, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.”

As conservatives, we should rally behind Phil Jackson’s belief that sports should be a unifying force, devoid of politics. The game we love should bring us together, regardless of our political affiliations.