A Surprising Poll Outcome That Could Change the 2024 Election, You Need To See This

As Joe Biden prepares to announce his run for re-election in 2024, he is facing some terrible poll numbers. According to NBC polls, “53% of 2020 Biden voters say he shouldn’t run. 64% of Democrats who voted for Sanders or Warren in the 2020 primaries think he shouldn’t run. And 76% of voters under 35 think he shouldn’t run.”

The top concern among voters who don’t think Biden should run is his age and his ability to do the job. This sentiment is reflected in the approval rating of Biden’s job performance, which has plummeted to just 41% among Americans.

Even far-left CNN’s John King admitted that “Joe Biden is asking for four more years — when 74% of Americans think the country is heading the wrong way, it’s hard for the boss to say, ‘Give me four more years.'”

It’s clear that Biden’s re-election prospects are looking grim. Stay tuned to Fox News for more updates on this developing story.

source https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/watch-nbc-admits-devastating-new-poll-numbers-for-joe-biden-just-days-before-his-2024-announcement/