NO WAY: WaPo Admitted, This Is Serious About Biden

In the latest controversial move from the left, the Washington Post editorial board has taken a stance that has many conservative Americans up in arms.

In a recent editorial titled, “Biden overreached on student loans. But the court shouldn’t stop him,” the board criticized President Biden’s expensive and ill-targeted student loan forgiveness plan, which was put into effect without congressional approval.

However, the board went on to argue that the Supreme Court should not rule against the plan, even though it is currently being challenged, due to the challengers’ supposed lack of standing.

This argument has not gone over well with many conservative voices, who see it as the Washington Post trying to prevent the Supreme Court from doing its job to protect the Constitution.

Republican 2020 presidential candidate Joe Walsh called the editorial “a crazy take,” while conservative journalist Jeryl Bier questioned the paper’s motives, suggesting that the Post should encourage finding plaintiffs with standing to challenge and stop the Biden plan.

The Washington Post’s editorial board has a long history of taking left-leaning positions on political issues, and this latest editorial is no exception.

While the board acknowledges that Biden’s plan is problematic, it seems to be arguing that the ends justify the means. However, this kind of argument is dangerous, as it allows politicians to ignore the rule of law and act outside of their constitutional authority.

In the end, the Supreme Court will have to decide whether or not to strike down Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. But the Washington Post’s attempt to sway the court’s decision by claiming that the challengers lack standing is disingenuous at best and dangerous at worst.

Americans should be able to trust that their elected officials will act within the bounds of the law, and the Supreme Court should have the authority to strike down any actions that violate the Constitution.