ANOTHER Hunter Biden Defender Gets Slammed, Though You’ll Never GUESS Who

Attorney General Merrick Garland faced a tough round of questioning on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, including his handling of the Hunter Biden investigation.

Critics have expressed concern that the Department of Justice may have politicized the FBI, which could impact the Hunter Biden probe. Despite these concerns, Garland asserted that the investigation would remain untouched from political influence.

However, former Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker has expressed doubts about Garland’s assurances. Swecker accused Garland of being a “surrogate” for the Biden White House and dismissed his pledge. “Merrick Garland knows what he’s supposed to do. He’s the surrogate for the administration… he’s proven that,” Swecker said.

Sen. Chuck Grassley also pressed Garland on what would happen if Delaware U.S. Attorney David C. Weiss needed to pursue the case against Biden outside his jurisdiction.

Garland assured Grassley that Weiss would have “full authority” to make an outside referral. However, Grassley warned that if Weiss had to seek permission from a Biden-appointed U.S. attorney to bring charges, then the investigation may not be insulated from partisan influence after all.

Garland’s critics have pointed out that he has not yet appointed a special counsel on the Hunter Biden probe, and the case remains in Weiss’ hands. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden has been under investigation since 2018 for potential tax and foreign lobbying violations related to his overseas business ventures.