New discovery at Biden’s home: Is the President’s “inadvertent” defense falling apart?

It’s time for Joe Biden to come clean about his handling of classified materials. The recent revelation that yet more classified materials were found at Biden’s home in Wilmington marks the fifth such discovery since early November. This is not an innocent mistake, but rather a pattern of disregard for our nation’s security.

Biden and his White House apologists have offered a series of flimsy excuses for the mishandling of classified documents. The first set of documents found in his private office were dismissed as “inadvertent,” while the second set found in his garage was excused under the infamous “Corvette defense.” But as more classified papers continue to be found, it’s becoming clear that these excuses are nothing more than a desperate attempt to cover up the truth.

Biden claims to take classified documents seriously, but the reality is that he simply takes classified documents. The running joke in Washington is that Biden’s “no there, there” defense from last Thursday was proven false the very next day when the Department of Justice and the FBI uncovered more classified materials during a nearly 13-hour search of his Delaware estate.

The question remains: for how many years or decades has Biden kept in his possession vital records that were vulnerable to access by malign foreign actors? Six items consisting of documents with classification markings were seized during the recent search, some from his tenure as Vice President and others from his 36 years as a senator. Handwritten notes were also confiscated, raising even more red flags about the President’s conduct.

It’s alarming that the DOJ allowed Biden’s personal lawyers to seek out and secure all the potentially incriminating evidence that might be used against their own client.

This reeks of a cover-up and it’s time for the Attorney General to take action. The public deserves to know the truth about Biden’s handling of classified materials and the potential threat it poses to our national security.

It’s time for Joe Biden to come clean and take responsibility for his actions. The American people deserve to know the truth about how their President is handling classified information and whether or not he is putting our nation at risk.