New Book Exposes Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup

John Paul Mac Isaac made national headlines when he became involved with Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal.

When it became public knowledge that John Paul Mac Isaac was the one who gave the Hunter Biden laptop to both the FBI and a lawyer for President Trump, his life changed drastically. The truth about what he did and why was censored, while false narratives circulated saying that he Russian disinformation campaign.

After he lost his case in court, he wrote a book as a final attempt to share what happened with the American people.

This story covers his interactions with Hunter Biden and how he eventually realized that for both his safety and the nation’s security, he needed to turn over evidence of criminality to the authorities. He felt betrayed by a politically weaponized FBI and Congress who seemed more concerned with self-preservation than justice.

By sending a copy of the laptop to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer in late August 2020, John Mac Isaac caused some serious trouble for himself. As things rapidly intensified and more information was revealed, he had to close down his business, leave the state and go into hiding.

He wrote this book as a way to defend his actions and also warn others about what can happen when powerful people in politics collude with technology companies to silence those who are trying to expose corruption.

You can purchase the book here.