SHOCKING! CBS News confirms Hunter Biden laptop Is authentic

Hunter Biden, the President’s son, will be a focus of an inquiry when the Republicans took control of the house, and data from a laptop allegedly owned by Hunter Biden may be essential to the investigation.

The data from the laptop, according to CBS NEWS, was received straight from the source who informed them that the same material had been given to the FBI under SUBPOENA. They also claimed to have commissioned an independent forensic assessment to determine the data’s authenticity.

“The laptop data we had studied revealed no evidence it was fabricated or tempered with,” said senior investigative journalist for CBS NEWS Catherine Herridge in the same interview.

“I am calling to tell you I love you, I love you more than the whole world pal, Got to get some help,” is a voicemail that is allegedly from Joe Biden sent during Hunter’s drug addiction, according to digital forensic investigator Mark Lenterman, a former member of the Secret Services of Electronic Crime Task Force. That voicemail was one of the many findings that Lenterman used to authenticate Hunter Biden’s laptop data.

Being asked by Catherine if he is confident that the laptop data belonged to Hunter biden. He quoted- “Yes” .

The beginning of the entire backstory is a laptop repair shop. According to their records, Hunter Biden took his laptop to that store for repair in April 2019 but never made a payment. After 90 days, they deemed the laptop abandoned.

The owner of the business to turn over the computer and the disc that contains all of the data in December 2019 to The FBI SUBPOENA 

Republican campaign operatives talked extensively about various variations of this narrative during the 2020 elections. Whether or not any external files were introduced to those versions began to be a topic of discussion.

Joe Biden labeled the controversy of the laptop and the speculations as ” Disinformation”. 

To cut through the noise and deliver some critical facts, CBS News even approached the owner of the laptop repair shop. The news network even obtained a copy of the hard drive that the man claimed to have given to the FBI.

CBS news even went to Annapolis for some independent analysis- Catherine even questioned Mark and his Son in the interview of  CBS News about if they were being paid to distribute any false information.   They denied it and stated that they don’t want people to believe that their opinion was bought.

Even images of Hunter’s credit cards, driver’s license, and social security number were found by Mark and his Son in the laptop.

The laptop and its content has captured Republican’s interest in Hunter Biden’s business ventures. One email was also found from the drive that was an outline of a business deal with a Chinese energy firm that raised questions about President Biden’s benefits. 

Hunter Biden ex- business partner even claimed that his father Joe Biden knew about this chinese venture. 

Even though Joe Biden consistently denied that he has no knowledge of all this. 

In a letter sent last month, senator Chuck Grassley said that “”Bank records and financial data showed that Hunter Biden and James Biden profited from a $5 million wire from a company connected to CEFC in August 2017. 

After being investigated for two years, the laptop has not turned up any proof that Joe Biden directly profited from Hunter’s business dealings.

Chris clark Councillor of Hunter Biden said- “There have been multiple attempts to hack, infect, distort, and peddle misinformation regarding Mr. Biden’s devices and data”. 

“At no time did any individual, including Mr. Mac Issac, have Mr. Biden’s consent to access his computer data or share it with others”.

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“CBS Morning did a pretty good job in reporting the Hunter Lap Top story. Not bad CBS.”

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“Excellent reporting Catherine. Couldn’t help but notice how disappointed your colleagues were this morning when your interviews authenticated Hunter’s laptop information.”

Looks like former Biden Administration member Jen Psaki might not be right.