Literacy, Numeracy, Controversy: A Tale of The Current Presidency

First lady Jill Biden’s assertion that President Joe Biden is the “”education president”” has faced strong backlash from education leaders and parents across the nation.

Critics highlight the administration’s failures in education, including the decline in reading and math scores among 13-year-olds and the emphasis on divisive ideologies like critical race theory (CRT) and transgender policies. Concerns about school closures and the lack of focus on core subjects have intensified the criticism.


Jill Biden’s claim of her husband being the education president has been met with widespread criticism.
Education leaders and parents point to the decline in reading and math scores as evidence of the administration’s failures.
Critics argue that the Biden administration has prioritized divisive ideologies like CRT and transgender policies over core subjects.
Concerns about prolonged school closures and parental vilification have further fueled the backlash.
The discontent highlights the need for meaningful education reform that prioritizes student well-being and academic success.


The criticism aimed at President Biden’s education policies is well-founded. The decline in academic performance and the emphasis on divisive ideologies raise serious concerns about the administration’s priorities. Parents and education experts are rightly demanding a focus on core subjects and a return to evidence-based practices.

It is essential that we hold our leaders accountable and advocate for a quality education system that equips our children with the skills they need for a successful future. The education of our nation’s youth should not be compromised by partisan agendas or political posturing. Let us stand together in support of meaningful education reform that puts the needs of students first.

Source Fox News