Biden’s blunder: Another shocking decision revealed.

President Biden’s approval to send cluster munitions to Ukraine has drawn intense scrutiny and differing opinions among lawmakers. Rep. Betty McCollum strongly opposes the decision, labeling it unnecessary and a terrible mistake. She highlights the long-lasting damage caused by cluster bombs and argues for their elimination.

The White House defends the move, citing Ukraine’s need for weapons to counter Russia’s aggression. They assure the public that the munitions being sent have a low “”dud rate”” to minimize civilian casualties. Republicans, like Rep. Tom Cotton, support Biden’s decision, while Democrats, including Rep. Barbara Lee, express concerns about the risks associated with cluster munitions.


Rep. McCollum opposes the decision to send cluster munitions, emphasizing their destructive legacy.
The White House argues that Ukraine needs these weapons to defend against Russian aggression.
The munitions being sent to Ukraine have a low “”dud rate”” to minimize the risk to civilians.
Republicans, like Rep. Tom Cotton, praise President Biden for supporting Ukraine’s defense capabilities.
Democrats, such as Rep. Barbara Lee, express alarm about the potential dangers of cluster munitions.


While the decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine has divided lawmakers, it is crucial to consider the long-term consequences and ethical implications. Rep. McCollum’s concerns about the destructive nature of cluster bombs and the need for their elimination should not be taken lightly.

The White House’s argument for providing Ukraine with necessary weaponry is valid, but alternative peaceful resolutions and diplomatic efforts must not be overlooked. As Republicans and Democrats debate this issue, the well-being of civilians and the preservation of human rights should be at the forefront of the discussion.

Source Fox News