Kamala Harris’ Controversial Speech, You’ll Be INFURIATED On What She Just Said

Vice President Kamala Harris faced a negative response at an NCAA men’s basketball game between Howard University and Kansas. When she appeared on the video board, boos were more prominent than cheers. After Howard’s loss, Harris’s pep talk in the locker room failed to connect with the audience on social media, underscoring the Biden-Harris administration’s disconnect with the American public.


Vice President Harris received a chilly reception at the NCAA game
Harris’s pep talk to Howard University players did not resonate with the public.

The incident highlights the administration’s growing unpopularity
Howard University’s accomplishments were overshadowed by the political climate.

The Biden-Harris administration needs to rebuild trust with Americans.


This unfortunate event serves as a clear reminder of the challenges faced by the Biden-Harris administration. The vice president’s presence and her pep talk to the Howard University team should have been a supportive and encouraging moment, but instead, it turned into a glaring example of the administration’s growing disconnect with the American people. As Republicans, we must continue to push for policies and leadership that put America first and truly address the concerns of the public.