You WON’T Believe What’s Happening to Our Borders, Latest Developments Are Mind Boggling

Attention, fellow patriots! The Biden administration’s weak approach to immigration is putting our safety at risk. According to recent data, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has seen a dramatic drop in the number of deported criminal illegal immigrants under Biden’s watch. As if that wasn’t bad enough, officials are drastically lowering targets for future years.

In fiscal 2020, during the strong and secure Trump administration, ICE aimed to deport 151,000 convicted criminal illegal immigrants and managed to deport just over 100,000. But in 2021, with Biden at the helm, the target dropped to 97,440, and a mere 39,149 were removed. By 2022, the Biden administration’s first full fiscal year, the target decreased further to 91,500, and just over 38,000 were deported.

It gets worse – the agency has now lowered the targets for fiscal 2023 and 2024 to a mere 29,393 deportations for each year. This shocking decrease is an affront to our safety and a slap in the face to every law-abiding citizen. ICE claims they are trying to “reduce factors that detract from removal performance,” but it’s clear that the Biden administration’s policies are the real culprits here.

In an effort to appease the radical left, Biden has imposed new restrictions on ICE agents, limiting them to arresting and deporting three types of illegal immigrants: recent border crossers, national security threats, and public safety threats.

This narrow focus has undoubtedly contributed to the drop in deportations, even though arrests have fluctuated due to ICE resources being redirected to the overwhelmed southern border.

Joe Edlow, a former senior DHS official during the Trump administration, summed it up perfectly: “Under the Biden administration, immigration enforcement has taken a back seat to open borders policymaking, and this offensive FY24 budget is yet another example.”

Furthermore, ICE plans to reduce the average daily population of detained adults by 9,000, claiming that this will still allow them to do their job.

At the same time, the agency is scaling down its use of Alternatives to Detention (ATD), which has expanded in recent years due to the border crisis. This reduction in detention capacity comes just as the Title 42 public health order is set to expire in May, potentially leading to a new surge in migration.

The Biden administration’s misguided policies are leaving Americans vulnerable to the dangers posed by criminal illegal immigrants. It’s time to demand better from our government and restore the security we enjoyed under President Trump. We must stand up and protect our nation before it’s too late.