Joe Biden’s Administration Faces A Scandalous Memo Leak, Don’t Miss This Eye-Opening Revelation About Biden

Attention all Americans! The Biden administration is under fire from Republican leaders of two House panels over its fossil fuel leasing practices. The Republicans are investigating the administration’s decision to prioritize climate considerations over energy security, which they believe is driving up energy prices and hurting families across the country.

The investigation was prompted by a leaked memo recommending charging energy companies a royalty rate of 18.75% for a large oil and gas lease sale in Alaska. The Republicans are demanding answers and requesting documents and communications regarding administration oil and gas leasing decisions.

It’s time for the Biden administration to prioritize economic development and American energy security instead of pushing its climate agenda. Congress must ensure that DOI is fulfilling its responsibility to unleash American energy production and strengthen an industry that provides good-paying job opportunities.

The Biden administration’s war against the oil and gas industry is hurting the American people. It’s time for us to take action and hold them accountable. Let’s demand that our leaders prioritize the needs of the American people and not their own political agendas.