Is COVID-19 Just an Excuse? Majority of House Members Avoiding Vote on Controversial Bill

In a shocking display of Democratic recklessness, Rep. Chip Roy exposed the outrageous process behind the rushed vote on a $1.7 trillion bill that no one has had the chance to read.

This reckless spending spree, pushed through by Democrats with no regard for the consequences, is destroying the country and adding to the already staggering $31.3 trillion national debt.

Not only have Democrats refused to allow any amendments from Republicans, but they have also completely shut out any possibility of negotiation or discussion. “What table does he want us to come sit down and negotiate? It’s not this table. I don’t have the power to offer an amendment on the floor of the House of Representatives, despite being elected by 750,000 Texans,” said a frustrated Rep. Roy.

This sham of a process has not allowed for a single amendment to be debated on the House floor showing the blatant disregard for the concerns and input of Republicans. Rep. Roy called out the 18 Republicans in the Senate who caved to Democratic pressure and supported the bill, accusing them of prioritizing their own convenience over the needs of their constituents.

But it’s not just the Democrats who are to blame for this disaster. Rep. Roy also slammed his fellow Republicans for prioritizing their holiday plans over their duty to represent their constituents and create a responsible spending bill. “They were more concerned with catching their flights for Christmas, coming to me and saying, ‘we can’t be here over Christmas.’ Well why the hell not?” he said.

Worst of all, Rep. Roy revealed that more than half of the House members voting on this irresponsible bill will not even be present, with most choosing to vote remotely through proxy voting, citing COVID-19 concerns.

However, Rep. Roy implied that these members are just using COVID as an excuse to get a head start on their holidays, saying “they’re lying on forms saying that they’re voting by proxy for COVID, and it’s a lie.”

This blatant disrespect for the American people and their taxpayer dollars by Democrats and irresponsible Republicans must be stopped. It’s time for true leaders to stand up and fight against this fraud being perpetrated on the American people.