Hunter Biden FIGHTS Back, You’ll Never Guess This Unbelievable Twist in the Laptop Scandal

The Mainstream Media’s love affair with President Joe Biden has reached nauseating levels.

From fawning coverage of his every move to softball questions at press conferences, the media’s complicity in the Biden administration’s agenda is beyond clear.

But now, the President has taken things a step further by avoiding questions altogether.

Despite his repeated promises of transparency and accountability, President Biden has gone almost two months without holding a press conference.

And when reporters do manage to catch a glimpse of him, he simply smirks and avoids answering any difficult questions.

This lack of transparency and willingness to avoid scrutiny is unacceptable.

The American people deserve to know what their elected officials are doing and to have their questions answered.

It’s not enough for the President to just smile and wave for the cameras. It’s time for the media to hold him accountable and demand real answers.

But unfortunately, the mainstream media is too busy playing defense for the Biden administration to do their jobs. They would rather ignore the President’s shortcomings and focus on pushing their own agenda.

As Republicans, we must demand better. We must hold the media accountable for their biased coverage and call on them to do their jobs.

We deserve better than a President who hides from the press and a media that refuses to hold him accountable.