Flood Relief FIASCO, This News Will Have You Rethinking Everything

As a passionate Republican supporter and writer for conservative websites for the past ten years, I bring you another example of the disastrous leadership of the left in the United States.

California, a state plagued by droughts, wildfires, and now floods, continues to suffer under the mismanagement of Governor Gavin Newsom.

Critics argue that the state’s extreme environmental policies are responsible for these disasters, with the recent floods leaving residents in dire straits.

In an attempt to win hearts and minds, Newsom promised a flood-damaged community $42 million in relief aid. This sizable sum could have helped families rebuild their lives and supported businesses in recovery.

But when the checks arrived, residents discovered that Newsom was far from delivering on his promise. According to Breitbart, relief workers in Pajaro, California, were outraged when they learned that only $300,000 of the promised $42 million would be available for their community.

One relief worker even called Newsom’s false claim a “slap in the face.” The money Newsom had promised came from funds provided by former President Trump for COVID relief, through the United Way and USDA.

Yet, it seems that the majority of these funds have not been allocated to help the predominantly Hispanic community of Pajaro, made up of farm workers who desperately need assistance.

Most residents will only receive a check for $600, a meager amount that won’t come close to covering the costs of repairing their homes and businesses.

To make matters worse, many insurance plans don’t cover flood damage caused by severe storms or natural disasters.

Despite knowing that only $300,000 would be available through this particular program, Newsom still chose to deceive the community by claiming they would receive $42 million in aid.

His decision to make such a grandiose statement was nothing more than an attempt to garner applause and boost his image.

In a true display of cowardice, Newsom left the United Way’s president to deliver the bad news, forcing him to explain that residents would receive only 1% of the promised amount.

This is a prime example of the lack of leadership and integrity we’ve come to expect from left-wing politicians.

Source https://thepatriotjournal.com/california-floods-gavin-newsom-relief/