Headline: Famous American Singer Sits During National Anthem

Besides enduring rivalries between teams, the NFL has been in dispute over the National Anthem for the past few years. Before every NFL game, fans are urged to stand as the United States National Anthem is sung by a performer. John Mellencamp, who is known for the song “Ain’t That America,” was spotted on Sunday relaxing and enjoying some popcorn while watching the Indianapolis Colts play the Philadelphia Eagles.

John Mellencamp reportedly attended the game while seated in a box above Lucas Oil Stadium, according to Fox News. 

The musician was eating popcorn when a fan took a picture of him and sent it to Dan Dakick of OutKick 360. Following that, Dakich published the image on Twitter, sparking debate among followers.

Some Twitter users defended the singer.

One individual remarked, “There could be a number of reasons why he didn’t stand up. He owes no one an explanation, but I don’t necessarily agree with that.

According to another, singing national anthems at sporting events that aren’t international competitions has never been worthwhile.

Another fan yelled, “Horrendous in concert,” indignant over John Mellencamp’s decision to remain seated throughout the National Anthem. attended an RV event in Elkhart, Indiana, where he was paid $350,000 to perform in private for a few hours. Garbage. he was honest about not wanting to be there.

Mellencamp wrote extensively on growing up and living in America. He presented himself as a sort of Midwesterner All-American.

He omitted, however, to mention that he does not wish to stand for the 90 seconds required to honor America.

In 2016, Kaepernick took a knee while the National Anthem was playing to draw attention to racial inequalities in society. John Mellencamp stated after his nonviolent act of resistance against police violence, “Taking the knee started purely and simply as a protest of racial and social injustice. It was, regrettably, politicized.