Graham: “Herschel’s a Nightmare to Democrats”

Appearing on ‘Hannity’ about the upcoming runoff in Georgia between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker. 

Senator Lindsey Graham went onto say:

“Well, let me tell you what Schumer said about this race. A 50/50 Senate slows everything down, so it makes a big difference to us. So from Schumer’s point of view, Herschel’s a nightmare for his desire to change America. 

From my point of view, he’s saving America. So if Schumer thinks Herschel’s getting in his way, help Herschel. $17 million have been spent in the last 10 days on TV ads for Warnock 5 for Herschel.

Senator Ted Cruz went onto say. “ Well listen, there’s no doubt that that we need to use every tool we can to turn out votes. 

Every tool that is legal. And and right now we’re in a Sprint. We’ll have plenty of time to engage in retrospectives about

 Election Day in the weeks and months to come. December 6th is this runoff and this runoff makes a huge difference in Georgia. 

I believe Herschel Walker is going to win, but it’s 100% a turnout game. It depends who shows up, the left. They’re going to bust people out. They’re going to try to turn out their radical base that they’ve got organizers that are very effective.”

The race is going to be tight. We’ll see shortly who wins and how the Senate will stack up next year.