Babin: Biden Flying Millions of Unvetted Illegal Aliens into American Communities

After the disorganized American pullout from Afghanistan, the Biden administration had a difficult time resettling Afghan refugees.

The government lacked uniform standards, effective vetting processes for refugees, and contingency plans to support emergency operations, according to a recent inspector general’s report from the Department of Homeland Security.

The research comes to the following conclusion as a result: “DHS may have allowed or paroled persons into the United States who represent a risk to national security and the safety of local communities.”

It’s possible that President Joe Biden helped some of the country’s adversaries to reach the US by jokingly referring to the processing of Afghan refugees as “Operation Allies Welcome.”

The absence of intelligence on Afghan refugees is directly related to Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban soon filled the power vacuum left by the withdrawal of American soldiers.

When thousands of Afghans attempted to leave their nation, the U.S. instantly boarded planes and transported 79,000 of them unchecked into our country’s interior. Despite the fact that the absence of an American presence in Afghanistan implies a lack of intelligence and verification there, everything was planned.

The Biden administration is using shortcuts to “streamline” the vetting process in a manner similar to what occurred in the Syrian immigrant scandal under previous President Barack Obama.

Then-FBI Director James Comey stated: “There’s no question it was the result of a less than stellar vetting.” He was referring to Iraqis and Syrians suspected of terrorism-related offences entering the United States.

Comey said, “If we don’t know much about someone, there won’t be much in our data. I am unable to guarantee without a certainty that there is no risk involved with this as I sit here.

Even while the security screening of applicants requesting asylum is insufficient, it is still better than the screening that Border Patrol personnel can perform on the millions of illegal aliens that cross our southern border each year. The 18-month surge in illegal immigration has led to border encounters with 81 people on the American terrorism blacklist.

Less than five interactions with people on the terrorist watchlist happened in years past, when border security was properly implemented.

According to the Border Patrol, “the substantial increase in apprehensions of the watchlisted persons correlates with a considerable increase in total border contacts.”

The domestic security of the country is also threatened as a result of the Biden administration’s compromise of border resources. According to reports, there are close to 1 million “got-aways” wandering the nation unchecked, unauthorized, and potentially hazardous.