Exposing the Truth: The Dark Side of Political Correctness at UW Madison

It’s a sad day in America when liberal institutions like the University of Wisconsin-Madison give priority to political correctness over the truth. The University awarded a $5,000 residency to an art scholar who was pretending to be of Native American descent.

This scholar, who uses they/them pronouns and calls themselves “two spirit,” was supposedly going to develop a “toolkit and curriculum around cultural appropriation.”

According to Fox news, It was later revealed that the scholar, Kay LeClaire, had falsely claimed Native American heritage for years. LeClaire even went as far as to adopt an Ojibwe name, co-owned an Indigenous and queer art and tattoo parlor, and held a spot on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force.

Despite the controversy surrounding LeClaire’s false claims, the University continued to award this individual with a residency, giving them a platform to spread their false narrative and further harm the Native American community.

To make matters worse, LeClaire used their fake Indigenous identity to criticize the University for flying the Ho-Chunk flag, which was meant to educate the campus about Ho-Chunk culture and First Nation’s history.

LeClaire also criticized a nearby music venue for profiting from Native American identities and claimed that “white folks’ emotions, labor, and intentions carry more weight than ours.” This is the type of divisive and harmful rhetoric that has no place in America.

It’s only thanks to the diligent work of an individual on the “New Age Fraud Forum” that the truth about LeClaire’s fraudulent behavior was uncovered. After the fraudulent behavior came to light, LeClaire was forced to resign and agreed to return the residency funds awarded by the University.

Fox News reached out to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for comment and a representative for the university stated that “the position wasn’t identity-based, nor is it legal for the university to require or hire based solely on race or ethnicity.”

It’s disheartening to see how the liberal institutions continue to prioritize political correctness over the truth. The Native American community deserves to have their voices heard and their heritage respected, not diluted by individuals pretending to be something they’re not. It’s time for America to stand up for the truth and call out this kind of fraudulent behavior.