Cruz’s memo reveals startling details about Biden’s climate initiatives.

Republican Senators, led by Senator Ted Cruz, have exposed left-wing climate initiatives within President Biden’s 2024 budget request. The memo scrutinizes agencies such as NOAA, NASA, NIST, and NSF, revealing the diversion of resources to political agendas rather than fulfilling core missions.


NOAA’s inclusion of equity-focused projects diverts resources from its essential responsibilities.
NASA’s emphasis on diversity and DEI programs undermines its scientific pursuits.
NIST’s allocation of funds to the Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability program detracts from promoting innovation.
NSF’s overemphasis on climate change, clean energy, and DEI initiatives disconnects from its statutory responsibilities.
Republican Senators, including Ted Cruz, are challenging these misguided priorities and standing up for accountability.


The left’s infiltration of government agencies is concerning. The allocation of taxpayer dollars to push political agendas jeopardizes the core missions of these vital organizations. Senator Ted Cruz and his Republican colleagues are right to expose these left-wing climate initiatives and demand transparency.

As Republicans, we must rally behind them, demanding accountability from our elected officials and safeguarding our nation’s future from misguided policies. It is essential to uphold the principles that have made America great and preserve our values for generations to come.

Source Fox News