The Unacknowledged Grandchild of A Famous Leader

A resurfaced video of President Biden speaking with one of his grandchildren has raised concerns about his hypocrisy when it comes to acknowledging his own family.

While the video shows Biden expressing love and affection for his grandchild, it highlights his refusal to recognize his granddaughter, Navy Joan Roberts, who is the daughter of his son Hunter Biden. This inconsistency has drawn criticism from both social media users and liberal media figures.


The resurfaced video reveals a double standard in Biden’s treatment of his own family.
Biden’s refusal to acknowledge his granddaughter raises questions about his integrity and empathy.
Liberal New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has criticized Biden for his dismissive behavior.
Social media users have highlighted the hypocrisy of Biden’s actions.
The video serves as a reminder to hold elected officials accountable for their actions and demand transparency.


The resurfaced video featuring President Biden and his grandchild sheds light on a troubling aspect of his character. As Republicans, we value consistency and integrity in our leaders. Biden’s refusal to recognize his own granddaughter raises concerns about his honesty and empathy.

It is essential to question those in power and demand transparency. The American people deserve a government that truly represents their values and treats all family members with respect, regardless of their circumstances.

Source Fox News