COMMENTARY: NYC’s War on Noise: New technology fights back against liberal car culture – James Kupton

I have to hand it to the Associated Press. What a well written article and let me tell you about this story, how crazy it is and what I think.

As we all know, New York City has always been a bustling metropolis with a lot of noise pollution. From the honking cars and trucks to the rumbling subway trains and sirens, it can be overwhelming at times.

However, after the relative quiet of the pandemic, the city has come roaring back and the noise level has reached new heights.

But, the city is taking steps to address this problem. The Department of Environmental Protection has implemented a new program that uses traffic cameras equipped with sound meters to identify souped-up cars and motorbikes that emit an illegal amount of street noise.

So far, 71 drivers have been given tickets for violating noise rules during this pilot program. And now, plans are in place to expand the use of these roadside sound meters.

I think this is a great initiative by the city to address this growing problem.

As conservatives, we believe in the importance of personal responsibility and these drivers should be held accountable for their actions. And let’s not forget that excessive noise pollution can have negative impacts on our health and well-being.

It’s also worth mentioning that New York City already has one of the most extensive noise ordinances in the country, which sets allowable levels for a host of noisemakers, such as jackhammers and vehicles. And, last spring, a state law known as the Stop Loud and Excessive Exhaust Pollution Act, or the SLEEP Act, went into effect, which raised fines for illegal modifications of mufflers and exhaust systems.

The new devices record the license plates of offenders, much like how speedsters are nabbed by roadside cameras. The fines for a first offense are $800 and the penalty for a third-offense hearing is $2,625.

Noise pollution is a serious issue and it’s great to see the city of New York taking steps to address it. As conservatives, we believe in personal responsibility and the importance of protecting our health and well-being. I’m glad to see the Associated Press bringing attention to this issue and I hope more cities will follow New York’s example.