CNN Don Lemom Returns And His Bizarre Rant About Biden Will Make You Scratch Your Head

CNN anchor Don Lemon recently sparked controversy after making sexist remarks about GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley. However, Lemon’s recent reporting has raised eyebrows once again, this time for covering a debate on whether President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden ordering the same pasta dish at a restaurant was controversial.

During a segment on “CNN This Morning,” Lemon, alongside co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins, discussed the Bidens’ recent date night at The Red Hen restaurant in Washington, D.C. The trio spent a significant portion of the segment questioning whether it was appropriate for the first couple to order the same pasta dish.

While Lemon has been criticized for his reporting in the past, he managed to survive calls for his firing after his comments about Haley. CNN executives have since announced that Lemon will undergo “formal training” on sexism before returning to the airwaves.

The network’s CEO, Chris Licht, emphasized that it is essential to balance accountability with fostering a culture of learning and growth from mistakes. Lemon’s comments about Haley were widely condemned for their sexist undertones, and his recent reporting has raised questions about his ability to deliver objective journalism.

The segment on the Bidens’ date night was widely mocked on social media, with many viewers questioning why CNN was covering such a trivial topic. Some have accused the network of sensationalizing stories to boost ratings, rather than delivering informative and impartial reporting.

It remains to be seen whether Lemon’s controversial reporting will have any impact on CNN’s ratings or reputation. However, it is clear that the network must work to address the concerns raised by Lemon’s recent comments and reporting.