Can You Believe the shocking details uncovered in this story?

Recent testimony from IRS whistleblowers has shed light on the potential interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The evidence includes WhatsApp messages in which Hunter Biden allegedly used his father’s influence to pressure a Chinese business partner.

Additionally, an alleged voicemail from President Biden to his son discussing an article published by The New York Times adds further weight to the claims. Despite President Biden and his White House communication staff repeatedly denying any discussions about Hunter’s business dealings, the evidence continues to mount against these denials.

The timeline of denials raises questions about the truthfulness of President Biden’s statements. The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their leaders.


Whistleblower testimony suggests interference in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings.
WhatsApp messages indicate that Hunter Biden used his father’s influence in discussions with a Chinese business partner.
An alleged voicemail from President Biden to his son supports the notion of discussions about business matters.
President Biden’s repeated denials contradict the mounting evidence.
It is essential for the American people to demand transparency and accountability in this matter.


The revelations surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the potential involvement of President Biden demand a thorough investigation and transparent disclosure of the facts. The American people deserve to know the truth about any potential conflicts of interest and whether our leaders have been forthcoming.

It is crucial that we uphold the principles of integrity and accountability in our democratic system. Political bias should not overshadow the pursuit of justice and truth. We must ensure that all individuals, regardless of their political affiliations, are held to the same standards of transparency and accountability.

Only then can we restore faith in our democratic institutions and move forward as a united nation.

Source Fox News