The Astonishing Truth About Biden’s Job Creation Plan.

President Biden’s recent boast about creating more jobs in two years than any previous administration did in four has come under scrutiny. Critics argue that a significant portion of the job gains can be attributed to the recovery of jobs lost during the pandemic rather than new job creation.

The numbers reveal that Biden’s claims are misleading, with job creation under former President Trump surpassing his record. Furthermore, the current job growth remains below pre-pandemic levels, and many individuals have yet to return to the workforce.


Biden’s job creation claims are undermined by the fact that a majority of the job gains were simply the restoration of pre-pandemic jobs.
The average monthly job creation under President Trump far surpassed Biden’s numbers, highlighting the former president’s economic achievements.
The current job growth rate lags behind the pre-pandemic trend due to many individuals still out of the workforce.
Average weekly earnings have declined under Biden, contributing to the financial strain on working Americans.
The White House’s attempts to spin the numbers fail to hold up under scrutiny, and the American people deserve transparency and honesty.


Biden’s job creation claims are nothing more than political spin aimed at deceiving the American people. The numbers clearly show that the majority of the job gains were a result of the post-pandemic recovery, not new job creation. The disparity between Trump’s job creation record and Biden’s numbers is undeniable.

Furthermore, the current job growth rate remains below pre-pandemic levels, with many individuals still missing from the labor market. Working Americans are feeling the pinch with declining earnings and rising costs.

It’s time for the White House to be transparent and honest about the true state of job creation in America. The American people deserve better than empty promises and manipulated statistics.

Source Fox News