Biden Critics Gone Wild! You WON’T Believe Who He’s Lost Now

The recent AP-NORC poll is a troubling indicator of the state of American politics. The results show that both Republicans and Democrats are expressing concerns about the direction of their parties, and neither side has a great deal of confidence in their leadership.

The poll reveals that only 12% of Democratic voters believe that President Joe Biden should be leading the party, while 20% of self-identified Republicans believe that former President Donald Trump should lead the GOP.

Moreover, only 19% of adults have a positive view of Congress’ job performance, including 20% of Democrats and 17% of Republicans, with a staggering 79% disapproving.

The poll also found that both parties have a dim view of the job Congress is doing, and the public has little optimism about politics in the United States.

The survey’s results reveal that 63% of respondents are pessimistic about the state of politics, 15% are optimistic, and 21% are neither optimistic nor pessimistic.

While Democrats are more optimistic than pessimistic about the future of their party (44% vs. 26%), Republicans are about equally optimistic (38%) and pessimistic (36%) about where their party is headed.

The AP-NORC poll demonstrates that the public is not satisfied with the current state of politics, and they are pessimistic about the future of the country.

The pollsters noted that “the public, regardless of party identification, has little optimism about politics in the United States these days.”

The results indicate that the American people are looking for leaders who can inspire them and bring about positive change. The poll suggests that a significant overhaul is needed in both parties to restore public trust in the political system.