Biden Administration Takes A Page Out Of Trump’s Tariffs Book, You’ll Never Guess Why

Steel tariffs have been a controversial topic ever since former President Donald Trump enacted them in 2018, citing national security concerns. The tariffs have since remained in place under President Joe Biden, despite opposition from steel importers and other countries.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to steel tariffs. On the one hand, the tariffs protect domestic steel producers by making imported steel more expensive.

This helps to support American jobs and encourage investment in the domestic steel industry. In addition, steel tariffs can also help to reduce the trade deficit by encouraging the use of domestic steel.

On the other hand, steel tariffs can lead to higher prices for consumers and businesses that rely on steel, such as automakers and construction companies. In addition, the tariffs can lead to retaliatory tariffs from other countries, which can harm American exports and industries that rely on exports.

The Biden administration has defended the steel tariffs, arguing that simply lifting them without a solution in place could result in layoffs and plant closures in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

However, the administration has also indicated that it is open to working with other countries to find a solution that benefits everyone.

Despite the controversy surrounding steel tariffs, they remain in place for the time being. It remains to be seen whether the Biden administration will make any changes to the tariffs in the future.