Guess Who Trump Accuses Of Storing Classified Documents In Chinatown, You Won’t Believe What He Said

Former President Donald Trump has accused President Biden of mishandling classified documents and has pointed fingers at him for keeping boxes of documents “stored in Chinatown.”

Speaking in an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Trump stated that he had been transparent with the FBI about his handling of classified documents and gave them tapes of storage areas. Trump also claims to have been targeted in a “vicious” raid on Mar-a-Lago, where classified materials were discovered.

Trump stated that the FBI requested a second lock be placed on the unit storing the documents before raiding the location. He added that the raid was a form of election interference by the FBI, aimed at discrediting him.

Trump also took aim at President Biden for allegedly mishandling classified documents, claiming that he is “getting paid off by China” and has boxes stored in Chinatown. Trump stated that the current investigation into his handling of classified documents is a “hoax.”