Another Political Power Play, You’ll Never Guess Who Is Involved

A prominent former Democratic leader has taken center stage in a surprising twist, leading a bipartisan effort to counter the potential impact of a third-party run on President Biden’s chances of securing a second term. Dick Gephardt, a respected figure in Democratic circles, has emerged as a vocal opponent of No Labels, a centrist organization advocating for a “unity” presidential candidate with substantial financial backing.

Gephardt’s newly formed bipartisan group has obtained private polling that reveals a troubling prospect for President Biden’s support. The data indicates that a moderate third-party candidate would pose a more significant threat to Biden’s reelection than former President Trump in a hypothetical three-way race. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, as experts analyze the potential consequences of such a scenario.

Greg Schneiders, a key figure in conducting the polling, emphasized the negative impact that No Labels could have on Biden’s campaign. By equating No Labels with Trump, he underscored the potential ramifications that a moderate candidate’s entry into the race could have on Biden’s chances of success.

Joining Gephardt in this bipartisan endeavor are other notable individuals, including former Senator Doug Jones and Stuart Stevens, who brings a wealth of experience from his involvement in presidential campaigns for prominent Republicans. This diverse and influential team is poised to make a significant impact as they rally against the potential risks posed by a third-party candidate.

While Gephardt’s group mobilizes to address this pressing issue, No Labels continues its push for a moderate, third-party candidate. Speculations are swirling that Senator Joe Manchin and former Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan are among the potential candidates being considered. Although No Labels maintains that they will not directly fund the candidate, they have been actively raising outside funds to bolster momentum and pave the way for a third-party contender to gain access to state ballots.

It is important to note that No Labels was established by the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus in Congress, with former Senator Joseph Lieberman, known for running as both a Democrat and Independent, serving as a founding chairman. However, this pursuit of a third-party candidate has faced criticism from within its own ranks, with some Democratic caucus members opposing the organization’s actions.

Representative Abigail Spanberger, a Democrat from Virginia, expressed her strong disapproval of No Labels, asserting that their efforts are a futile endeavor that only serves to confuse and divide voters. She firmly believes that the inevitable outcome of their actions would be the re-election of Donald Trump as president.

The debate surrounding the potential harms of a well-funded third-party presidential run is intensifying. On July 27, the Center-left advocacy group Third Way and the liberal group MoveOn are scheduled to meet with Democratic senators’ chiefs of staff to discuss the implications and consequences of a third-party candidate in the upcoming election.

As the battle lines are drawn, the political landscape is set ablaze with uncertainty. Will Gephardt’s bipartisan group successfully thwart a third-party run that could jeopardize President Biden’s chances of re-election? Only time will tell, but one thing remains certain: the upcoming election is poised to be a decisive and riveting moment in shaping the future of our nation. Stay tuned for further updates as this story unfolds.

Source Fox News