Tweets or Threats? Find Out in the Latest Political Showdown

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, has written a letter accusing former President Donald Trump of endangering the presidential family through his social media posts. The letter points to previous incidents of political violence and warns that Trump’s rhetoric could lead to further harm.

Lowell also addresses specific accusations made against Hunter Biden and the mishandling of classified documents and the discovery of cocaine in the White House.


Hunter Biden’s lawyer alleges that Trump’s words have incited political violence in the past, endangering the presidential family.

The letter highlights incidents such as the attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband and an arrest near former President Obama’s residence as examples of the consequences of Trump’s rhetoric.
Lowell emphasizes the urgency of the situation, urging Trump to stop his behavior to prevent future incidents.

The attorney clarifies that Hunter Biden has not been accused of mishandling classified information, refuting Trump’s claims.
The Secret Service closed its investigation into the cocaine found in the White House due to a lack of physical evidence, casting doubt on the allegations against the Biden family.

The allegations made by Hunter Biden’s lawyer raise important concerns about the impact of inflammatory language in our political discourse. As Republicans, we must not blindly accept baseless accusations but seek to uncover the truth.

It is crucial to focus on policies and actions that truly serve the best interests of our nation. While holding everyone accountable, we should ensure fairness and due process for all individuals, including the Biden family.

Let us stay informed, engaged, and committed to upholding the principles that make our country great.

Source Fox News