Another Biden BLUNDER, Guess Who joined the opulent state dinner?

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was recently seen attending a state dinner despite facing federal charges for willful failure to pay federal income tax and possession of a firearm. House Republicans released testimony from IRS whistleblowers alleging interference by the Department of Justice, FBI, and IRS in the investigation.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is facing criticism for the perceived leniency shown towards Hunter Biden. Senator Rick Scott has demanded an explanation for the plea deal that could spare Hunter Biden from prison. These events highlight the double standards in our justice system and the need for accountability.


Hunter Biden’s attendance at a state dinner while facing federal charges raises questions about fairness and equal treatment under the law.
Whistleblower testimony suggesting interference in the investigation by government agencies raises concerns about transparency and political influence.
Attorney General Garland’s handling of Hunter Biden’s case has come under scrutiny, with critics highlighting the apparent leniency shown to the President’s son.
Senator Rick Scott’s demand for an explanation underscores the need for accountability and transparency in the justice system.
The case exposes a two-tiered approach to justice, where average citizens face severe penalties while political connections seem to grant preferential treatment.


The recent revelations surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal troubles have once again underscored the deep-rooted problems in our justice system. It is disheartening to witness the apparent double standards at play, where everyday Americans are subjected to harsh penalties for similar offenses while individuals with political connections seemingly enjoy leniency.

The American people deserve a justice system that upholds the principles of fairness and equality, regardless of one’s last name or political affiliations. The interference alleged by the IRS whistleblowers only serves to erode public trust in our institutions and highlights the need for transparency. Attorney General Garland must address these concerns and provide a thorough explanation to the American people.

As Republicans, we must continue to advocate for a justice system that operates without political bias and ensures that all individuals are held accountable for their actions. Only by addressing these issues head-on can we restore faith in the integrity of our justice system and uphold the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Source Fox News