A Turn Of Events, You’ll Never Guess Who’s Being Questioned

Twitter users wasted no time in criticizing National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby’s response during a press conference when confronted with allegations of corruption surrounding President Biden. New York Post reporter Steven Nelson pointed out that a majority of Americans, including a significant portion of Democrats, believe in Biden’s involvement in an illicit influence peddling scheme with his son Hunter.

Kirby’s stunned reaction, accompanied by a hesitant “Wow,” sparked reactions from both reporters and Twitter users. After an uncomfortable pause, Kirby finally responded, dismissing the claims and redirecting attention to the whistleblower issue and the FBI’s involvement.

Social media quickly lit up with criticism, accusing Kirby of ignoring the ongoing investigation into the Biden family and evading the question at hand. The public demanded transparency and accountability from the Biden administration, emphasizing that dismissing the allegations based solely on Biden’s denial was unacceptable.

The controversy surrounding Kirby’s response highlights the need for a thorough investigation and a commitment to uncovering the truth. The American people deserve nothing less.

Source Fox News