A Notch In The Belt Of Public Disapproval, You’ll Never Guess Who’s Feeling It

President Biden’s economic performance continues to face skepticism and scrutiny, triggering concerns among Republican voters and those critical of his policies. A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center (AP-NORC) has shed light on the prevailing doubts surrounding Biden’s ability to handle the economy.

The survey, conducted from May 11 to May 15 and involving 1,680 U.S. adults, reveals that Biden’s approval rating on economic issues stands at a meager 33%. This indicates a lack of confidence in his economic strategies and policies. Similarly, the poll shows that only 31% of Americans trust Biden to effectively manage guns and immigration, further fueling the skepticism surrounding his leadership.

Despite a marginal increase to 40%, Biden’s overall approval rating remains relatively low. This underscores the widespread concerns about his economic approach and ability to address critical challenges facing the nation.

Of particular concern is Biden’s track record on immigration. The termination of Title 42, a Trump-era policy, has resulted in a surge of illegal immigration, with record-breaking numbers occurring under Biden’s watch. Republican voters have been vocal in their criticism of the administration’s handling of border security.

Former President Trump consistently outperformed Biden in polls on economic issues and immigration. Trump’s focus on job growth, controlling inflation, and maintaining strong borders resonated with Republican voters who sought a robust and stable economy.

As the 2024 re-election campaign looms, Biden must address these pressing concerns head-on. Republican voters and those dissatisfied with his performance demand stronger leadership, decisive actions, and well-articulated plans to bolster the economy, protect Second Amendment rights, and restore order to the nation’s borders. It is only through effective and responsive measures that Biden can regain the trust of the American people and secure their support moving forward.

Source Fox News